At Strokes we recognize that renovations, by their nature, can be stressful for clients. It is because of that knowledge, and experience, the we endeavour to finish our projects as quickly as possible to allow you to minimize the impact of the renovation on your life and also to the point where you can enjoy your vision come to life.

Custom Cabinetry

We have our own in house custom cabinet shop, where our skilled craftspeople complete every job to perfection and on time. We build the cabinets to fit your space and design and we do so with locally sourced high quality wood and supplies to ensure a lasting durability as well as timeless look.

Specialty Millwork

It’s the little details and finishing touches that really make a design come together, being able to build and fit all of your decorative components on site allows us to ensure the perfect look and fit every time. Instead of trying to work your design around furniture we can create built in room elements to maximize space and utility that match your design flawlessly.


Using a variety of Design Consultant contacts in the industry Strokes Renovations can aid you in selecting a designer that can help you take your ideas from the dream stage to the renovation stage. Based on our experiences Strokes is capable of providing design expertise but we also recognize that clients may want to work closely with an outside designer to ensure the ideas they have formulated are brought forth and realized. A design professional will provide a helping hand and Strokes will work with with the chosen designer in every aspect of your renovation.


We specialize in interior and exterior painting, which can really tie every part of your renovation together, we have our own in house paint shop in which we can further customize our millwork and custom cabinetry projects to fit your space.

Other Specialty Work

There are very few things we can’t do for you, but for those we can’t we still know the right people for the job, so if you have a project that doesn’t fit into any of our other service areas, give us a call and we’ll figure out how we can best help you!

If you have any questions about our services, or would like a quote